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"Being hypersensitive to communication channels (body movement, voice and verbal language), I'm naturally inclined to abstracting them from their everyday life functions to serve other expressions and intentions. I see music as a way to add color and gravity in order to better express the intensity, interrelationships and/or intention of a text. Since ears tend to be the motor of my dance, composing for movement can lead to suggesting musical wishes to the choreographer. To me a good quality indicator is when composers like my voice, dancers my music and singers my dance."



Sandra Pujols is a composer, singer and dancer from Barcelona. She's founder and singer of the Mutu Ensemble and co-founder of Steunbeer, a cooperative of creators of performing arts in interdisciplinary contexts. Composing for dance, text and voice is her specialty. Her pieces have been performed by, among others, AKOM Ensemble, Orkest De Ereprijs and Modelo62, in venues such as Korzo and De Doelen. She is frequently engaged in interdisciplinary projects where she not only contributes with her composing and singing, but occasionally performs as a dancer as well, such as The Call, Yoko Ana and Tierkreis. She also has a broad experience singing free improvisation, having sang with, among others, Wolter Wierbos, Tobias Delius and Luc Houtkamp, and singing during 6 years for the Royal Improvisers Orchestra. In 2015 she graduated from her master in composition at Codarts, University of the Arts in Rotterdam, where she studied with Robin de Raaff and René Uijlenhoet. Her research is titled "Vocal Articulation (and/or Text) As Compositional Material". In 2012 she graduated from her bachelor in composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague where she studied with Martijn Padding, Calliope Tsoupaki and Gilius van Bergeijk. 

For her studies in Codarts, Sandra counted with a grant from:


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