Mutu Ensemble

The Mutu Ensemble is an Amsterdam based ensemble that plays contemporary and comprovised (improvisation with some guidance) music. Its players are highly versatile and professional musicians from all over the globe (France, Luxemburg, Spain, Taiwan, Germany, Norway and Japan), which have developed and established their careers in the Netherlands.

Its unique instrumentation has been design to perform at ease in multidisciplinary contexts, making of Mutu a chameleonic ensemble with natural habitats that range from concert halls and opera houses, to theaters and dance podia. Its thrilling cello, rich electronic environments and suggestive percussion pulses certainly inspire choreographs, whilst the interaction of the voice with the human-like inflections of the trombone and the paralinguistic-like effects from the woodwinds offer a parallel sonico-linguistic dimension to poets' and librettists' words.

Different projects along the season ensure that Mutu contributes to the creation of new music, commissioning established and young composers, as well as to keeping relatively new music alive by reprogramming it. This extensive interaction with composers nurtures the ensemble providing it with a mature understanding of its repertoire, a profound interconnection with its performers due to the intense musical experiences, and with breathtaking new sonorities.


© Sandra Pujols